Portrait de Laurent Balon, chef de Gastron'home, restaurateur à domicile et traiteur événementiel

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Situé à Virton, en plein coeur de la Gaume, le restaurant-traiteur Gastron’Home vous accueille dans un cadre enchanteur.

Installé dans une ancienne grange gaumaise, le restaurant a su allié tradition et modernité en offrant un cadre chaleureux propice à la détente et à la convivialité.

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Contemporary caterer, Gastron’Home offers a traditional French cuisine with a modern personal touch, promoting a healthy gastronomy focused on the flavours and quality of the product.

Gastron’Home provides a wide and complete range of fine food together with a high-quality catering service adapted to all your events, either private or professional.  We care about high-standard client service and we are committed to getting each of you fully satisfied.

"Le chef"

What is said about him…

Both idealistic, perfectionist and eternal dreamer, Laurent also proves to be pragmatic, while showing strong entrepreneurial skills. Married and happy father of three lovely kids, he’s passionate about his native region, the “Gaume” and is very keen on sharing this attachment to his roots. With an educational background in chemistry, Laurent combines his passion for cooking and his mastering of the culinary art with his expertise in laboratory techniques to offer a creative and fine cuisine.

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Cooking courses

Because healthy eating habits start with knowing how to cook quality products…

The Gastron’Home Cooking Studio will guide you into the basics of cooking, through a simple approach of the culinary techniques.

The best opportunity for you to become a real Chef in all circumstances!